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goMobi FAQs

What is goMobi?

goMobi is a service that creates and hosts mobile web sites. It gives mobile users easy access to information about your business. Wherever they are, whenever they need the information, they’re able to contact you with just one click or touch. A goMobi mobile web site provides visitors with everything from a click-through telephone number and GPS-enabled map, to the ability to book appointments with you.

How do mobile web sites differ from desktop sites?

Mobile web sites are adapted to the smaller screen size of a mobile device, are easier to navigate, and have more abridged content and simpler graphics to accommodate the slower download rates of mobile devices. They also provide more direct access to the information that a customer is likely to need while on the go, such as maps, directions, and phone numbers.

My business already has a full web site. Why do I need a mobile site?

Many businesses’ web sites don’t work well with the smaller screens and slower load times of mobile devices. Navigating a full site on a mobile device’s screen can be a challenge, and users abandon such sites quickly out of frustration.

A goMobi site resolves these problems and satisfies your mobile visitors by giving them quick and easy access to the key information about your business (phone number, location, business hours, etc.). Save them time and money, and you convert them into customers.

What are the trends on mobile use of the Internet?

Worldwide, about 10 billion customers use mobile devices to access the web. As a percentage of overall use of the Internet, access via mobile devices is ramping up rapidly: by 2015, it’s projected that more people will access the Internet via mobile devices than via desktop computers. A mobile presence is part of the new norm for business success.

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Will this replace my desktop site, or be in addition to my desktop site?

While your existing web site is aimed at giving in-depth information about your business, a goMobi mobile site allows immediate access to the content that matters most when visitors are on the go.

Your desktop site and goMobi are complementary. Offered together, they make sure your customers are getting the best user experience for their context and their device. If you do not yet have a desktop site, goMobi offers a quick and easy way to get up and running with a web site.

How does goMobi help me set up my mobile web site?

When you sign up for goMobi, you get access to the user-friendly goMobi Setup Assistant which puts you in charge of your site’s look and content. With the Setup Assistant, your site can be built in minutes and changed whenever you wish

Another great feature of your goMobi site is that some of the content from your full site will already be populated for you on your goMobi site, such as your telephone number, address and logo

How often can I update/change my site? Are there additional costs for that?

You can use the Setup Assistant at any time to make all the changes you want. There is no extra charge, so you can experiment and find the best way to use goMobi to grow your business.

What is included in the goMobi package?

The following is included in the package:

  • Hosting of the goMobi site
  • Unlimited access to the Setup Assistant to modify the goMobi site
  • Bandwidth to support approximately 2000 page views per day

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Can goMobi be used with a third level domain?


Can I use any TLD for my goMobi domain?

goMobi service can be used on any TLD.

I already own a .mobi domain name that I’d like to use for my mobile web site. Can I use it instead of getting another one with goMobi?


Does my goMobi domain name need to be registered with you?

To use goMobi, the mobile domain name must be registered with us or use our DNS Hosting.

The domain name for your desktop web site only needs to be registered with us if you want mobile visitors to use the same domain name as your desktop web site. If you are using a different domain name for goMobi, the desktop domain name can be registered and hosted elsewhere.

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How much time will I need to set up my goMobi site?

Your goMobi site can be set up in minutes with the easy-to-use Setup Assistant. The technology that powers goMobi pre-populates some of your content, such as your telephone number for ‘Call Us’. Making any changes to pre-selected content is very easy. The Setup Assistant is highly intuitive and will guide you through each feature you want to include.

How do I set up my goMobi mobile web site?

Building your mobile web site involves two tasks: configuring the address by which visitors will access your mobile web site, and specifying the content of the mobile web site

To configure the address to your mobile web site:

Log into your account. In the “Manage Services” section, find the “goMobi” links and click “Manage”. Click the domain name for which you want to configure a mobile site (if you have not yet configured an access address, the subscription is listed under a GMNNN.gomobinow.mobi address).

In the “Subscription Overview” section, enter the domain name of your full-sized (“desktop”) web site, and click “Save”.

Choose the method by which you want visitors to access your mobile site:

  • Use the same domain name as your desktop site.
  • Use another domain name you own.
  • Use a subdomain of gomobinow.mobi (such as example.gomobinow.mobi).

If you want visitors using mobile devices to enter the same domain name that you use for your desktop site, copy the script in the “Add Mobile Site Redirect” text box and paste it into the header content of your desktop web site code. When visitors access your web site using a mobile device, this script identifies the device and delivers goMobi content formatted for the compact screen.

If you want visitors to use another domain name you own to access your mobile site, scroll to the “Subscription Details” section, locate the “Mobile URL” row, and click “edit”. Select the “Use an existing domain” option, type your mobile domain name, and click “Save Settings”.

If you want to use a subdomain of gomobinow.mobi, scroll to the “Subscription Details” section, locate the “Mobile URL” row and click “edit”. Select “Customize sub-domain”, type the sub-domain (host record name) you’d like to use, and click “Check”. When you receive a response indicating that the sub-domain name is available, click “Save Settings”.

To specify content for your mobile web site:

Log in. In the “Manage Services” section, find the “goMobi” links and click “Manage”. Click the domain name for the goMobi account you want to manage. Click “Login to goMobi Control Panel” (depending on your browser and toolbar and their pop-up settings, you may have to press Ctrl+click to open the control panel). Work through the setup wizard as needed, and then click “Finish”.

How does my goMobi content become live?

Your goMobi web site is live as soon as you purchase the service. If you have provided your full web site URL, some features including call us, find us, and your logo may already be pre-populated on your goMobi site and can be seen when you view your site on either your desktop or mobile phone. As you further build out features on the goMobi Setup Assistant these will appear in real time on your site.

If I change the source site (desktop web site) to a different site, how quickly is this reflected on the goMobi site?

Content from the new source site is available within minutes

Do I have to renew goMobi at the same time as the domain name?

No, they do not have to be renewed together. Just be aware that for the goMobi web site to be accessible, the domain name registration must be current.

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