Email Forwarding FAQs

What is Email Forwarding?

Email Forwarding is simply our automatic email forwarding service. People address email to your mailbox at your domain name, and we forward it to your "real" email address at Hotmail, Google Mail, or wherever. It’s an option that gives you an easy way to reinforce your branding.

How do I set up Email Forwarding?

Log in and click "My Account". Under "Domains", click "Manage". Click the domain for which you want to set up Email Forwarding. In the "Email Forwarding" row, click "edit". In the "Username" column, type a mailbox name (for example, if you wanted to set up email address, the mailbox name is "john.doe"). In the "Forward to" column, type the forwarding email address, such as your Hotmail or Google Mail address. In the "Catch-all Email" row, type the email address you want all misaddressed email to be sent to (usually, this is mail that is addressed to mailboxes that don’t exist). Click "Switch Service to Email Forwarding".

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