Email FAQs

Why is it worth paying for personalized email when I can get other email services for free?

In addition to providing email addresses that use your own domain name, email offers the following features:

  • Protection from spam and other viruses
  • Experience a clutter, advertising free email account
  • Access email online via a web browser
  • Download email to your desktop using a program such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Set up rules to organize emails or send out-of-office responses
  • Archive your messages

What is the difference between Email Forwarding and Email?

Email Forwarding redirects an email written to your domain name (for example, to a true email box/account (for example,; any responses come from the forwarding address (in the example, the hotmail address). Email is a full email service: Our servers receive and store emails, and your responses come from your own domain name. Because of that, a personalized email accounts gives your business a more professional image.

What’s the difference between IMAP and POP email?

You can use IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP (Post Office Protocol) email with our email, at the same time as they are always available. The main difference between IMAP and POP is whether you want want to download your email from the server. If you are looking to use your webmail with only one computer or email client, it is best to use a POP account. If you are looking to use your email address with a few different computers or clients and want to retain folders, read/unread status, etc between them it is best to use an IMAP account.

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How many mailboxes can I have per domain name?

We do not place a limit on the number of mailboxes you can purchase per domain name.

How long do I have to wait for an email address to be active?

If your domain is already active on our nameservers, your new email addresses will become active within a few minutes. If the new email account is for a newly registered domain name, or a name that has just entered our DNS hosting, there is usually a delay of approximately 24 hours for the updates to be made.

All I need is one mailbox. Can I buy just one?

If you just need one mailbox, buy a email pak and use only one mailbox within your account. Or purchase...

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Can I share one email account among multiple domains? For example, in a ten-mailbox pak can I use five mailboxes for and five mailboxes for

No, each email pak is associated with a single domain name. You can purchase a 10 pak email for each domain or associate your email accounts with a hosting account where you can set up email across multiple domain names

Do you offer a trial period for email?

We are sorry but at this time, we do not have a trial period available for our email, and all sales are final.

Is there a free trial for your email service?

There is no trial period available for POP Email, and all sales are final.

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Is there a limit to the size of attachments I can send and receive?

Current message size allowed is 50 MG however this includes any headers, message body and attachments included within the email. Actual size will vary depending upon the attachments. If your message is more than the allowable size, you will not be able to send the email. Additionally, there may be additional restrictions imposed by your recipients mail service provider

What are the size limitations on overall storage space?

Our email comes with 1GB of storage per mailbox; if you need additional storage you can upgrade by purchasing additional increments of 500 MG of storage

Can I use email if my domain is not currently registered through your or does not use your nameservers?

Currently, your domain name needs registered through eNom or use our DNS hosting service. If your domain is not currently registered with us, you can easily get started by purchasing our DNS hosting service.

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